About Ynnovate

The public sector is facing more challenges than ever while change is happening faster and faster. As public organizations and their employees are impacted, they have to show flexibility and innovation. New ways of thinking and acting are needed to enable organizations to respond quickly and effectively to an ever-changing environment.

Innovation is never simple, but you can boost it if you know how to structure it. Under the slogan ‘Boosting public innovation’, Ynnovate’s mission is to help public sector organizations to boost innovation. We achieve this through our network of Ynnovators, employees who are trained to lead innovation processes in their own organizations. They all use the Ynnovate method, an innovative way of working together based on the principles of Scrum teamwork, creative problem solving and design thinking.

Ynnovate educates, activates and supports local networks of Ynnovators. We started in the Netherlands in 2011 and now have more than 1,400 Ynnovators working at public organizations, committed to boost public innovation. Ynnovate focuses on new ways to increase public organizations’ ability to innovate, often starting with skill development.

Ynnovate is actively looking for opportunities to build successful networks of Ynnovators in other countries and would be very happy to share our knowledge and methods.

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